What does a pound of weed cost?

The cost of any product depends on various factors like the place where you live, taxes of your area, chain from you and the grower, the distance from you and the farming field. But the main factor in which the cost depends is the area where you live. The price also varies from country to country. It is a big investment to buy a pound of weed. Therefore, you must be very careful when it comes to buying a pound of weed. This is not the thing for an amateur to go and just buy a pound of weed. It demands a lot of bargaining and obviously the knowledge of what good weed feels like and look like. Can you imagine that you buy a pond of weed and it is of totally bad quality, how would you feel? Moreover, you also have to be very much careful whenever you buy such a large amount of weed or say Marijuana. Because even in the places where it is legal to consume, sometimes this large amount creates a problem if the law finds you to do it in such a large quantity.

Now coming to the prices, the most common price of weed is ranging from $2000 to $3000 in various parts of the United States as it totally depends on the quality of the strain and weed. For many people, it is a better financial investment than buying the amount of weed in a smaller amount. It is better because across the country, and you need at least $10 to buy a gram of weed. Rounding of the one pound of weed you will see the cost becomes $4500 for 450 grams of weed.

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