Reggie Weed Categories?

Reggie weed is a low category C grade weed which is available very easily in the black market. Experts and smokers avoid having Reggie weed as it is grown in very poor way and consider to be wastage weed. It is essentially considering to be the dreg of cannabis flower.

Smokers suggested to stay away from it as it can give high only when you consume about more than tons. Apart from high which is not sure even one can feel headache and nausea from it. This Reggie weed grown just like that, that is in very poor way and can contain harmful pesticides. 

Reggie weed is dark green and sometime brown in color. Its taste is very bad and smell is also so bad. It falls under the category of C and its contain only 2 percent of THC level which is gain very low. While growing Reggie weed it get no attention as other weed gets.

One can easily identify it as it doesn’t not look good to see in compare to others many weeds are available. Reggie weed is just a waste of money which do have bad taste, bad smell, bad quality and it doesn’t not make you high too. It doesn’t contain any health benefits. But it can make your health worse. It is simply available in the black market. Smokers suggested you must stay away from Reggie weed as it contains harmful pesticides while growing up and grown in very poor and unethical way.

It doesn’t contain any value of weed compare to many others available in the market. 

Conclusion: Reggie weed is illegal in many countries but it is considering to be the backbone of many rural communities who cannot afford good option available and for medical use or in any other ways also.


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