Highness Equation

What is the period time of being high after taking Marijuana? This is one of the most common questions from those people who just start taking drugs and from those also who take drugs. Without discussing various factors of how long does a high last on whom, jumping into conclusion would be a tough task; therefore we will say the different types or strains of Marijuana can produce a different effect. The high lasts vary in a different person, but the most important factors of all are how it is being consumed.

It might not the best way to calculate by the board medical journals, but we provide you with the more or less scientific way to calculate and know that how long you can expect your weed high to last.  We call it the highness equation. This is the equation which has the four major aspects that determine the period of your high will occur. So  here we go  for the equation:

Length of High = delivery method x ((dose x concentration ) / (metabolism x tolerance)).

Now, what is the delivery method? One of the most common methods of consuming weed or Marijuana is dabbing. The dab high may wear off within a few hours or less. Because it all depends on the individual tolerance of a person, as a highly concentrated form of Marijuana enriched with THC is taken in through a pipe in this method and in the case of dabs, the THC content is usually higher than any other method, so it kicks in quite instantly.


At last, we can say that weed generally depends on the body. It varies from one person to others, as it also depends on the delivery method. Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts.


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