Fan Leaves which makes you high

Before we talk about how long does a weed high last, we must know what a weed is? Well, weed is generally an unwanted plant which grows itself. But this is not what we are discussing here. The actual name of so-called weed is Marijuana8 which is taken by people to get high.

There are many types of people in this world, and there are many ways to get them high. In this article, we will know one of the best ways to get high. It is a type of leaf which we are going to discuss, and it is famous by the name Fan leaves.

Fan Leaves

wherever you will see the representation of weed, then you will always see the logos and illustrations of these leaves only. So, we can say that even if these leaves lack the recreational property then also it will have some importance. These leaves are the most noticeable thing on the plant as it is green and grows far from the buds, and It does not have any high potency, but people take it for fun purpose. These are those leaves which grow farther away from the buds and are large as these leaves are the one which contains chlorophyll and soaks up light for the plant to make food for them.


We have seen the structure, appearance and the feature of the Fan Leaves. Now it is your time to decide whether you like these leaves or not. Lastly, I want to thank you for giving your precious time to read the thoughts and appreciating my thoughts. 


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