Difference between Good and Bad weed

When you ask your seller about the types of weed they sell, he/she might give you a number of options to choose from. So in case you want to avoid buying trash with your hard-earned money, you must know how to differentiate between a good and a bad weed.

So, when you come across a variety of weed, try looking for its bud quality. A good visual inspection might help you save your money on some cheap quality weed. A good marijuana product is mostly green in colour, you might find some strains of yellow, red and purple over it but most of its parts are green. However, a bad weed may contain moulds and can be pest-ridden, it’s mainly brown in colour (so got its name Brown weeds) and appears too dry to be consumed. It’s because there are less amount of trichomes on the flowers of the marijuana plant. Trichomes are important to take you high as it consists of most of the cannabinoids and THC which are responsible for the psychoactive effect on your body. These trichome crystals appear as if the buds are covered with a blanket of dust all over it. The more crystals are seen over the buds, the more sticky and dense your weed is. But this is where Brown weed lacks in, and that’s why they are less effective. Generally, you would not be allowed to taste your weed before you purchase one, but in case you get a chance of tasting weed, you will find out that a good weed are tastes mostly fresh, pure and sharp however a bad weed tastes hell, and I’m sure you would never want to taste that.

Smoking a good weed may take you high within minutes and lasts for long; however, smoking a bad riggie weed may cause your throat sore and get you anxious. Also, you need to consume a lot of it to achieve a desirable effect.


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