Fan Leaves which makes you high

Before we talk about how long does a weed high last, we must know what a weed is? Well, weed is generally an unwanted plant which grows itself. But this is not what we are discussing here. The actual name of so-called weed is Marijuana8 which is taken by people to get high.

There are many types of people in this world, and there are many ways to get them high. In this article, we will know one of the best ways to get high. It is a type of leaf which we are going to discuss, and it is famous by the name Fan leaves.

Fan Leaves

wherever you will see the representation of weed, then you will always see the logos and illustrations of these leaves only. So, we can say that even if these leaves lack the recreational property then also it will have some importance. These leaves are the most noticeable thing on the plant as it is green and grows far from the buds, and It does not have any high potency, but people take it for fun purpose. These are those leaves which grow farther away from the buds and are large as these leaves are the one which contains chlorophyll and soaks up light for the plant to make food for them.


We have seen the structure, appearance and the feature of the Fan Leaves. Now it is your time to decide whether you like these leaves or not. Lastly, I want to thank you for giving your precious time to read the thoughts and appreciating my thoughts. 


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Highness Equation

What is the period time of being high after taking Marijuana? This is one of the most common questions from those people who just start taking drugs and from those also who take drugs. Without discussing various factors of how long does a high last on whom, jumping into conclusion would be a tough task; therefore we will say the different types or strains of Marijuana can produce a different effect. The high lasts vary in a different person, but the most important factors of all are how it is being consumed.

It might not the best way to calculate by the board medical journals, but we provide you with the more or less scientific way to calculate and know that how long you can expect your weed high to last.  We call it the highness equation. This is the equation which has the four major aspects that determine the period of your high will occur. So  here we go  for the equation:

Length of High = delivery method x ((dose x concentration ) / (metabolism x tolerance)).

Now, what is the delivery method? One of the most common methods of consuming weed or Marijuana is dabbing. The dab high may wear off within a few hours or less. Because it all depends on the individual tolerance of a person, as a highly concentrated form of Marijuana enriched with THC is taken in through a pipe in this method and in the case of dabs, the THC content is usually higher than any other method, so it kicks in quite instantly.


At last, we can say that weed generally depends on the body. It varies from one person to others, as it also depends on the delivery method. Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts.


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What does a pound of weed cost?

The cost of any product depends on various factors like the place where you live, taxes of your area, chain from you and the grower, the distance from you and the farming field. But the main factor in which the cost depends is the area where you live. The price also varies from country to country. It is a big investment to buy a pound of weed. Therefore, you must be very careful when it comes to buying a pound of weed. This is not the thing for an amateur to go and just buy a pound of weed. It demands a lot of bargaining and obviously the knowledge of what good weed feels like and look like. Can you imagine that you buy a pond of weed and it is of totally bad quality, how would you feel? Moreover, you also have to be very much careful whenever you buy such a large amount of weed or say Marijuana. Because even in the places where it is legal to consume, sometimes this large amount creates a problem if the law finds you to do it in such a large quantity.

Now coming to the prices, the most common price of weed is ranging from $2000 to $3000 in various parts of the United States as it totally depends on the quality of the strain and weed. For many people, it is a better financial investment than buying the amount of weed in a smaller amount. It is better because across the country, and you need at least $10 to buy a gram of weed. Rounding of the one pound of weed you will see the cost becomes $4500 for 450 grams of weed.

Lastly, I want to thank you for giving your precious time to read this article.


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Difference between Good and Bad weed

When you ask your seller about the types of weed they sell, he/she might give you a number of options to choose from. So in case you want to avoid buying trash with your hard-earned money, you must know how to differentiate between a good and a bad weed.

So, when you come across a variety of weed, try looking for its bud quality. A good visual inspection might help you save your money on some cheap quality weed. A good marijuana product is mostly green in colour, you might find some strains of yellow, red and purple over it but most of its parts are green. However, a bad weed may contain moulds and can be pest-ridden, it’s mainly brown in colour (so got its name Brown weeds) and appears too dry to be consumed. It’s because there are less amount of trichomes on the flowers of the marijuana plant. Trichomes are important to take you high as it consists of most of the cannabinoids and THC which are responsible for the psychoactive effect on your body. These trichome crystals appear as if the buds are covered with a blanket of dust all over it. The more crystals are seen over the buds, the more sticky and dense your weed is. But this is where Brown weed lacks in, and that’s why they are less effective. Generally, you would not be allowed to taste your weed before you purchase one, but in case you get a chance of tasting weed, you will find out that a good weed are tastes mostly fresh, pure and sharp however a bad weed tastes hell, and I’m sure you would never want to taste that.

Smoking a good weed may take you high within minutes and lasts for long; however, smoking a bad riggie weed may cause your throat sore and get you anxious. Also, you need to consume a lot of it to achieve a desirable effect.


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Reggie Weed Categories?

Reggie weed is a low category C grade weed which is available very easily in the black market. Experts and smokers avoid having Reggie weed as it is grown in very poor way and consider to be wastage weed. It is essentially considering to be the dreg of cannabis flower.

Smokers suggested to stay away from it as it can give high only when you consume about more than tons. Apart from high which is not sure even one can feel headache and nausea from it. This Reggie weed grown just like that, that is in very poor way and can contain harmful pesticides. 

Reggie weed is dark green and sometime brown in color. Its taste is very bad and smell is also so bad. It falls under the category of C and its contain only 2 percent of THC level which is gain very low. While growing Reggie weed it get no attention as other weed gets.

One can easily identify it as it doesn’t not look good to see in compare to others many weeds are available. Reggie weed is just a waste of money which do have bad taste, bad smell, bad quality and it doesn’t not make you high too. It doesn’t contain any health benefits. But it can make your health worse. It is simply available in the black market. Smokers suggested you must stay away from Reggie weed as it contains harmful pesticides while growing up and grown in very poor and unethical way.

It doesn’t contain any value of weed compare to many others available in the market. 

Conclusion: Reggie weed is illegal in many countries but it is considering to be the backbone of many rural communities who cannot afford good option available and for medical use or in any other ways also.


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